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JULY 7,The Kansas City Fed’s Thomas Hoenig‘s opinion about the U.S economy 2010/07/07

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The Kansas City Fed’s Thomas Hoenig’s major points: the 0.25% rate is too low and kept too long time.

2.Fed injected 1 T in the system during the financial crisis. too much cash , too many liquidities in the market.

3. Fed need to re-balance it balance sheet and dispose some of its too large balance sheet.

4.the GDP growth of U.S is “around 3%”, not “above 3%”, “just not so fast as you would like”.

在几次公开市场委员会投票中都均反对票的 THOMAS HOENIG在BLOOMBERG的专访中说,1。联邦利率太低。2。时间过长,资产价格的通涨不可避免,反对延长低利率政策。3。FED自身的BALANCE SHEET太大,已经给整个金融体系注入1万亿美元的流动性,需要收缩。



He said he expects the world’s largest economy to slow in the second half of the year as the contribution from business inventories wanes, although “I don’t think we’re going to go backwards” into another recession.




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